Mon 12/12: West Coast Port Shutdown Victory Party!

In solidarity with the West Coast Port Shutdown, Occupy Chicago will march on Goldman Sachs, 440 S. LaSalle St., on Monday, December 12, 2011. Meet up at Jackson & LaSalle between 4pm and 4:30pm. At 4:30pm we will march to Goldman Sachs. Bring an instrument, wear your finest warm clothes, and celebrate at the Occupy Victory Dance Party in front of Goldman Sachs. A celebration of the shutdown that will inevitably cost them millions. Let’s take the fight directly to the 1%.

Show support and solidarity for the hard work and coordination our fellow Occupations are accomplishing. Remember when the elite drank their cocktails laughing at Occupiers from balconies in New York, and from the Art Institute on 10/10/11? Now, it’s our tur n~

We are calling on supporters to dress fancy and engage in political theater resembling an exaggeration of an elite cocktail party. We will be wearing monocles, tophats, (get creative!), and toasting sparkling juice in champagne flutes (or paper cups) while passing out literature laying out grievances against Goldman Sachs. All of this while dancing and carrying on a ruckus in celebration of the financial losses incurred by Goldman Sachs as a result of The West Coast Occupations’ Port Shutdown.


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